A Neo-Noir Post Apocalyptic Sci-fi/Fantasy Role Playing Game

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On the Western edge of an ancient desert, along the shores of a once great ocean, a vast metropolis awaits. A ruined skyline rests below a cloud of pollution so massive - it blocks out the sun. The streets have fallen into ruin and decay and still, hundreds of gangs fight endlessly for every last inch of turf. There are strange creatures and beings that before had only been known in fiction that wander every street, every alleyway and the smallest cracks that this city holds. Beneath the city streets, a cluster of subway tunnels, lost caverns of an ancient world and the ruins of what was once San Francisco. The populace is a mixture of criminals, deviants, corrupted cops, heroes, villains and unknown evils that do not sleep. Every unfortunate soul that calls this city home, is broken in some way and every last one of them are searching for something. Whether it's a place to rest their head, grab a cold beer, a quick buck, a new drug, the monster that murdered their family or maybe they're looking for their purpose in this world. And if all of that can be found on just one of Neo City's streets, imagine what the rest of the city may hold. 

On a clear day, the city can be seen from a hundred miles away. The smoke and pollution that rises from streets and factories form a massive black cloud that hangs over this broken metropolis. However, when the sun sets, the city comes to life. There are hundreds of skyscrapers that form its skyline, some remain ruined and empty while others burst into life and light and from a distance it has been said to appear as a cluster of stars, painted against the darkest of night skies. The city is also host to a structure that can't be compared to or described - it has to be seen. It has come to be known simply as, The Wall. A massive towering wall that surrounds the whole of the city. It was constructed during The Great War as an attempt to prevent an enemy invasion. But it now serves a different purpose. To keep the citizens of this once great city trapped inside; forcing them to live a life that many of them do not want. This is Neo City.. a hauntingly beautiful, dystopian metropolis. Some have called it Hell on Earth, others see it as the next Babylon, a New Mecca. A city capable of altering the world; whether it's for good or evil has yet to be seen. A man built the city to be a beacon of hope in this strange new world, but after he fell into madness, his dream and his city fell with him. Now, the great evils of the world seek to control the city for the power this fragile city still holds.

N e o c i t y  s a g a

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